Le Métier, couture et chaussures

Le Métier, couture et chaussures

Full attire for dolls: exquisitely handcrafted dresses, coats, accessories, shoes and more.

Vinyl and porcelain dolls

Vinyl and porcelain dolls

The most delicate and personal projects. Hand sculpted and painted. Dressed in Le Métier.

Traditional and modern fabric dolls

Traditional and modern fabric dolls

Dolls modelled and dressed with the finest fabrics and soft and tender dolls intended for kids.


Some of my recent works


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october, 2018



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If you want to talk with me about IndieDolls, or find out more information about a particular topic or about my dolls or their attire, you can send me an e-mail with your comments to hi@indiedolls.eu , I will be pleased to chat with you.

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